Make your Car Last Longer with Carcare’s Undercoating Services

Carcare is committed to helping you keep your car in good working order for many years to come. That is why we recommend undercoating the undercarriage of your vehicle as soon as possible after purchasing a brand new car.

Naturally, before undercoating a vehicle Carcare cleans the undercarriage thoroughly. Our certified technicians then spray a uniform coating of a thick black rubberized paint called 3M to completely seal the undercarriage and create a barrier against water, salt and other corrosive elements

This special substance not only rust-proofs the undercarriage but acts as a rust inhibitor. It prevents oxidation as well as corrosion of the metal components in the undercarriage and has the added advantage of sound-proofing the vehicle to create a more serene and peaceful driving experience for passengers.

The process of undercoating must be done in perfectly dry weather conditions and takes approximately 8 to 10 hours to complete, but it is definitely worth it. If applied shortly after purchasing a brand new vehicle, undercoating can extend its life span by as much as 50%