Paint Protection Film

These are robust, dense and transparent films made of polyurethane material of USA. The film is fixed on paint, lights and car external parts for protection against external harmful factors such as sand, gravel, humidity, oxidation, etc. In order to preserve your car always new without the need for repeated polishing beside adding to the car value upon selling.

Characteristics of Clear Coat Paint Protection

  • The best, strongest and thickest product ever made for protection against. (Made in USA).
  • No film color change, yellowing, cracking or bubbles as years pass.
  • Highly pure and transparent. It is difficult to observe after installation.
  • Not affected by heat, humidity or sand even at high speed under normal condition.
  • Not affected by car washing if used properly
  • It leaves no effects on the paint while using or after its removal, if instructions for film care are pursued.
  • High flexibility. It can be installed on all car parts including bumper, grid, etc. per your choice.
  • Increase your car brightness, glitter and beauty.
  • Guaranteed for a period of 6 years.

Car Care is an Integral Paint Protection System

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Our Valued Customer

Options are open to you to choose the appropriate protection for your car
You may decide to apply protection to the front of your car only, to the whole car of to any part