Auto Detailing

At Carcare we offer the most reputable and professional automotive detailing services. Professionally owned and operated, we strive to make your visit personable and worry free.

Fast & Reliable Auto Detail Service

Carcare provides the highest standards of service in the industry. We specialize in providing prompt and professional service for all your automotive detailing needs. Each member of our team is here to serve you and provide you the peace of mind only Carcare can deliver.

Car Polishing

Polishing and waxing are effective factors which contributes in caring the car. A good polish will restore the oil to the paint which was lost by the vehicle. It eliminates scratches and render a super gloss finish to your vehicle and adds the shining. But the waxing is a paint protection coat by the shining material . As the paint shall be protected from the sun heat and etc. what you get is a shiny vehicles with an eye catching look !

Carcare is designed for more than simply making your car look good for the moment, this multi-stage process will leave an amazing shine and protect your vehicle’s bodywork for months to come

  • A gentle citrus based pre-wash treatment of the exterior of your car
  • Foaming of the exterior of your car using a custom cleaning & conditioning solution followed by a rinse
  • A further gentle pre-wash treatment to loosen more stubborn dirt
  • A wash of the outside of your car and wheels using a high quality shampoo and lambs wool mitt
  • A rinse and hand dry of your car (includes the application of a special solution to aid drying)
  • High-speed, filtered, warm air drying of all shut lines and external fittings
  • A cleanse of all door and boot shuts
  • Gentle removal of any remaining bugs and tar from the exterior paintwork
  • An exterior claying to remove surface contaminants and leave the paintwork very smooth
  • The hand application of a high quality cleanser/glaze to improve the finish and give it a new lustre
  • An exterior vinyl/rubber treatment which includes UV protection
  • A clean/polish of the exhaust tips
  • A clean of all exterior glass
  • The application of a superior quality sealant or Carnauba wax for paintwork protection & depth of shine
  • A final buff and inspection of the paintwork

  • Headlight Polishing

    If left untreated over time, headlight lenses can become discolored, scratched, clouded and yellowed by the harmful effects of the sun and environment. This natural deterioration can adversely affect headlamp projection and sharpness, resulting in:

    • Problems with nighttime vehicle operation
    • Limiting visibility
    • Risking the safety of drivers and passengers

    The certified auto detailers of Carcare recognize the importance of fully functional headlight operation. We offer a dynamic, professional service that restores vehicle headlight lenses back to their original appearance. While dealer replacement lenses can cost you expensively, Carcare offers professional headlight Polishing for a fraction of the cost. To inquire about headlight repair for your vehicle, contact Carcare today.

    Mags Wheel Polishing

    We use our own technology, equipment and high end “wheel safe” chemicals to offer you the very best in wheel care. This process can be considered to be both an art and a science because it requires many hours of training before a person dealing is qualified to work on customer rims. While custom wheel polishing has its limitations, it remains one of the most important aspects of vehicle maintenance programs. Today’s wheel rims, even those that are stocked from the manufacturer, are extremely expensive and cost hundreds of dollars to replace. By keeping them cleaned and protected, we can help them look great and last for years to come.

    We take several steps to be sure your wheels get the attention they deserve, including:

    • Carefully cleaning each wheel, paying attention to both the inside and the face
    • Depending upon the type of wheel you have, using our defect removal system to be sure the wheel has the best looking appearance.
    • Using specialty tools and equipment to polish the surface of the wheel
    • Using our specialty, heat-resistant protective poly-blended chemicals to protect the wheels from many of the contaminants thrown at them on a daily basis

    Interior Detailing

    Your vehicle was a big investment; it should be cared for in a big way. Just as it is important as keeping your car’s exterior clean, having a clean interior is an essential part of preventive auto maintenance. A dirty interior not only looks bad, but if not taken care of, it can end up creating irreversible damage.
    Detailing is just what the name implies; it is meticulous cleaning, going beyond simply picking up old fast-food wrappers and emptying the ashtray. There are professional techniques, systems and new technology used in order to not only clean the vehicle but to protect it from further wear and tear, future dirt and grime and the general use of the interior of the vehicle.

    At Carcare, our interior auto detailing services include:

    • Vacuuming: As professional detailers, we carry specialized vacuums and vacuum tools that do the most thorough job possible. We vacuum each area differently and with the right attachments in order to protect your car’s various surfaces.
    • Interior cleaning: There are a variety of interior cleaners for different types of surfaces, including carpet, upholstery, leather, and plastic. We use the appropriate chemicals for which surface; leather, for example, is cleaned with its own specialty product.
    • Carpet cleaning: The best way to clean the interior carpets is with a hot water extractor. Hot water extraction does a great job in removing deep down dirt, grim and carpet stains. Carpet cleaning should be done at least twice a year to remove soil and stains. Once the carpet has been cleaned, it’s important that it gets protected with some high grade carpet and fabric protection. This will help keep carpet fresh and clean and prevent further damage while using you vehicle.
    • Fabric and upholstery: Also using a using a hot water extractor, we clean your vehicle fabric and upholstery to remove dirt and grime and eliminate odors.
    • Leather cleaning: Leather is a skin; it needs to breath, re-moisturize and be cleaned consistently. If not, leather can wear out, crack, fade and become rough. Cleaning leather is also very difficult. The proper use of cleaners and conditioners is very important. We use specialty leather cleaners and conditioners to maintain your leather so it feels great to the touch and will last for years to come.
    • Hard surfaces: We use a very high end interior cleaner to clean surfaces like the dashboard, hard and soft plastic, rubber door moldings and all interior trim. We spend time cleaning tight areas, air vents, nooks and crannies, buttons and knobs. We use specialty brushes and micro-fiber technology to clean the hard surface areas of the interior of the vehicle.
    • Odor Removal: Removing odors in a vehicle can sometimes be very tricky. A good cleaning may not be the solution for odors caused by mildew, molds, pets, coffee and cigarettes. Some detailers use spray chemicals that mask these odors without eliminating them; however, our certified auto detailers use a professional ozone machine to permanently remove the odors out of the vehicle.